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Georgia Anti-Money Laundering

Course Description
This course addresses the problem of money laundering and how it is being fought with a comprehensive anti-money laundering program. It is intended to give the student an overview of the basic ideas behind the laws, logic, and systems put in place to detect money laundering. The course participant will be familiar with the steps in money laundering process along with how and where the money moves. The student will become familiar with the Patriot Act, the impact of the Act, and details of the “Know Your Customer.” obligation. The enrollee will learn about the background of the Patriot Act, the rules as applied to insurers, and how the Act specifically impacts insurers. The learner reviews legal terms and issues affecting anti-money laundering. The origins and effects of the Bank Secrecy Act are reviewed, along with information about banks, money service businesses, and trust that is relevant to these financial intermediaries relationship with the insurance industry. The course examines a money laundering scheme showing how criminals function. The insurance professional will be familiar with the details of an anti-money laundering policy as promulgated by a prototypical insurance carrier.



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