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What is Insurance Self-Study Continuing Education?
Self-study Continuing Education courses are correspondence programs completed either online or by paper. Since no specific classroom time is required, you must pass a multiple choice exam to assure your state agency that sufficient training time was spent and proficiency was attained

What is Insurance Classroom Equivalent Continuing Education?
In state such as Texas you are required to have 1/2 of your credits in a classroom setting. Classroom Equivalent online courses are authorized to be taken instead. The credits received through class equivalent satisfy the classroom requirement.

Is BestEd approved in my state?
BestEd has courses available for insurance continuing education in many states. Click "Home." Go to the map and click on your state to see if courses are available in your state.

For what license types do you offer CE courses?
BestEd offers courses for Life/Health and Property/Casualty license types, as well as Insurance Adjuster, Personal Lines, and Credit Life where required.

Will BestEd courses apply toward Insurance licenses in non-resident states?
BestEd will furnish you resident license completion certificates for each course completed. Most states will accept your resident CE completion certificates for a non-resident license. To find out information regarding your specific CE requirement for a non-resident license, it is best to contact the non-resident departments of insurance directly.

How long does BestEd maintain my account information?
Your entire course history with BestEd will be stored and available to you anytime online for five years.

Where do I find course description?
Click on the state that holds your residence license. Click on the Course title you choose. You will be able to view the description, the course, and the test. You will also be able to download or print the course.

What if I have forgotten my sign in information?
Your sign in information is your first name, last name, and the last 4 of your SSN as it appears on your license.

BestEd has several courses available, how do I know which ones to choose?
To help you select your courses, click on the 'State Requirements' link from the course catalog for your state. The State Requirements will also describe your state's rules on repeating courses. Courses approved for special state requirements begin with the state's name.

How do I find the price for BestEd courses?
Go to your state's catalog page to see the individual course prices before discounts and sales pricing. Our bundle package pricing significantly reduces your cost per CE course. To qualify for the bundled discount all courses must be ordered at one time and for one agent. Details on bundled discounts are explained at the top of the course catalog for each state.

How do I print Bested's courses?
To print the PDF courses, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader

How do I order courses?

Ordering Online:

  • Go to your state's catalog page
  • Select your courses by clicking on the title
  • Read the book and take the test
  • Once you have completed the test you will be asked to pay
  • Do not pay until you complete all of your courses in order to receive the bundle discount

How do I pay for my course?
For online courses we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. For paper courses we accept credit cards, mailed checks or money orders as payment.

Is it safe to give my credit card and sensitive information online?
Credit card information is not stored online. takes every precaution to protect our users' information. No sensitive information is ever transmitted in plain text.

What are State Filing Fees?
State Filing Fees (Sometimes called Roster Fees) are additional charges levied by some states to report continuing education credits. BestEd is required by these states to collect the filing fees from you and remit them to your state. If applicable, you will see additional information on your state's Course Catalog screen.

Can I order courses for other agents under my online account?
Courses must be ordered under the name of the agent who is taking the CE course for credit. To place multiple orders with one credit card, an account must be created for each agent.

Does BestEd offer group discounts?
Yes! We offer group discounts on 10 or more orders grouped. Call customer service for details.

Can multiple orders be put on one credit card?
Yes, but each student must have their own online account.

Are there any fees not included in the course price?
The course price includes the course as well as grading and certificate fees. The only additional charges that may apply are State Filing Fees where applicable. If you select paper courses materials additional fees apply.

What is the difference between "price before discount" and "bundled pricing"?
Price before discount is the individual course price if you select ONLY that single course for your order. Bundled pricing gives a discounted price when multiple courses are paid for at one time. It is automatically applied at checkout. All courses must be paid for at one time and for only one agent.

What is BestEd's refund policy?
You are under no obligation to pay for any course until the certificate of completion is ordered.

What is the difference between a coupon and a voucher?
They are basically the same. The coupons are issued by BestEd to individuals where the vouchers are issued to corporations who in turn issue them to individuals.

How do I use my promotional coupon number or voucher number to receive the discounted price?

  • After you complete a course(s) you will be asked to pay
  • At the checkout screen Enter your promotion number in the box provided
  • Click the 'Apply' button to see the discounted rate.

What is a BestEd voucher?
Vouchers are typically given to individuals by a company for attending a seminar or meeting the appropriate requirements for a company-sponsored program. The voucher can be redeemed for a BestEd course.

My voucher is expired, can I still use it?
Vouchers received for BestEd courses have unique numbers and are distributed by the company purchasing the vouchers. Expired vouchers cannot be reinstated by BestEd after the expiration date.

How does my company order vouchers?
If you are interested in receiving more information about purchasing vouchers please call us at 800-327-8011 and ask to speak with our corporate sales department. BestEd offers voucher services to hundreds of insurance carriers, distribution companies and associations. We can have a program established for your company in a matter of days.

Why do I have to take an exam with self-study or classroom equivalent courses?
When you are not in a classroom where the instructor measures your required hours you are required to pass a multiple-choice exam with 70% of your answers completed correctly. This shows that you completed the training and are proficient in the course material.

How many times can I take a test?
You are given 5 opportunities to take and pass the exam, as mandated by your state. Once the exam is passed, you may print your Certificate(s) of Completion in states where allowed.

Are online tests timed?
No. You have as much time as you need to complete the exam.

How many credit hours do I get for each course?
The number of credit hours an agent will receive with each course is listed next to the course title on the Course Catalog screen.

Can I take any of your courses with the type license I have?
The license type the course has been approved for is shown next to the course title on your state's Course Catalog screen.

How do I know if my exam needs to be monitored?
Before taking a monitored test you will be prompted to complete the affidavit of responsibility.

What information does BestEd require from an exam or test monitor?
Exam monitors are required to enter their name and address.

If I must retake a test, am I required to use the same monitor?
No. You have the option to use a different monitor for each exam taken.

How many copies of my completion certificate can I print?
You can reissue your certificate 3 times for one year after completion. After that time, the certificate cannot be reissued. The fee for Best Ed to generate certificates after one year is $25.00.

Does BestEd report my hour completions to my state?
Yes, we rapidly report course completions in states that require reporting.

Will BestEd courses apply toward Insurance licenses in non-resident states?
Most states will accept your resident CE completion certificates for a non-resident license. To find out information regarding your specific CE requirement for a non-resident license, it is best to contact the non-resident departments of insurance directly.

Where do I find the state-assigned course numbers?
Course numbers can be found on BestEd's Certificates of Completion that you will receive upon completion of your courses.

Do you have classroom equivalent interactive courses?
Yes. Several states require online courses to be interactive. Students receive continuous feedback during the learning process. These courses are referred to as classroom equivalent since they can be completed in lieu of going to an actual classroom setting.

Is my exam saved if I need to sign out while testing?

  • Yes, your answers are saved
  • To resume a test sign in at
  • Go to "My Account"
  • In "Courses Selected" find the test you were taking
  • Click Resume

Do I need special software to view Online Courses?

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view Online Courses.

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