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Texas TX Annuity Best Interest 4 Certification

Course Description

TX Annuity Best Interest 4 is the annuity training course required to begin selling annuities in Texas.

An annuity is defined as the liquidation of a principal sum to be distributed on a periodic payment basis to commence at a specific time and to continue throughout a specified period or for the duration of a designated life or lives.

Annuity contracts in the United States are defined by the Internal Revenue Code (IRC)and regulated by the individual states. Variable annuities have features of both life insurance and investment products. In the U.S., annuity contracts may be issued only by life insurance companies, although private annuity contracts may be arranged between donors to non-profits to reduce taxes. Insurance companies are regulated by the states, so contracts or options that may be available in some states may not be available in others. Their federal tax treatment, however, is governed by the IRC. Variable annuities are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the sale of variable annuities is overseen by FINRA.

There are two phases for an annuity the first phase is when the annuity contract owner deposits and accumulates money into an account (the deferral phase), and another phase in which customers receive payments



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