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Texas Underwriting Principles - CEQ

Course Description
Underwriting Principles is a CEQ, Class Equivalent, CE course. Remember: you need at least half of your CE in CEQ.

Understand the basic ideas behind the system of risk-selection to obtain a group in which loss-results will be reasonably predictable by the law of large numbers. Examine how an underwriter functions. Become familiar with the types of underwriters, the skills required, and the criteria used in risk assessment. Discover that pricing-risk, on the part of underwriters, is vital to the process. Explore the adequacy of rates, as well as the terms and process of rate-making. Uncover the relationship between underwriting and reserves. Explore taxation of insurers and its effect on company reserves and accounting practices. Review the IRS definition of reserves, reserve calculation, and reserve valuation methods. Examine actuarial reserves and Statutory Accounting rules. Become better acquainted with legal issues affecting underwriting. Review the effects of Americans with Disability Act, legal terms and conditions that impact the underwriting process. Gain a better understanding of underwriting economics.



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