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Insurance CE Mission

Best Insurance Education will bring to the insurance professional a rapid trouble-free educational experience. As a provider of continuing education, Best Ed will provide individualized customer and student services. Best will work always to provide the student a One-Stop-Shop including courses, links, and state information needed for insurance licensees' license renewal. Our courses will remain open for all as a free library for anyone seeking knowledge and understanding about the Insurance Industry.

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History of Insurance Continuing Education

Best Insurance Education (Best Ed) began on Tuesday, September 13, 1988. We taught in the classroom only. There was no internet as we know it today. Best outsourced as the continuing education department for many major insurance groups. We tracked the continuing education renewal cycles for the clients' licensees, then scheduled each into a class, sent course material to each student, provided the class and issued certificates of completion to the students and clients.

Fast Forward... You will find that Best Ed has taken the same effective steps to completing continuing education in the digital world and our course material to the web. As our student, you will receive a reminder that your renewal date is approaching approximately 90 days before the date you last took your continuing education. Review your continuing education course history that is available for you at Best Ed any time you need it. Track your progress as you navigate your CE requirement. You will know what you have and what you need to be in compliance with your insurance department's rules and regulations. Know that after you complete your courses and make payment Best Ed reports your completions.

At you are provided information links, addresses, and telephone numbers to assist in all of your steps to completion and insurance license renewal. Join us at the Best Ed one-stop-shop where your educational experience will be efficient and affordable. Thank you for visiting. You have taken your first step to renewing your insurance license.

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