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New Mexico Insurance Continuing Education Requirements

Welcome to BestEd CE, a one-stop-shop for your insurance continuing education. Go to your state course catalog to view options and learn the simple steps to your Insurance Continuing Education course completion. Be on the fast track for ce success. See your state requirements below.

For further information call our student care center at 800-327-8011 or email A student care center agent is available to discuss your state requirements and help select the courses that are best for your license renewal situation. We look forward to working with you.

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Insurance CE Course Catalog

New Mexico State Requirements

Satisfaction Guaranteed: You only pay for courses you want to complete. If you begin a course and decide you don't like it, just stop and choose another course to complete. It is that easy.

Continuing Education Rules24 credits are required, 3 of which must be in Ethics and at least 3 credit hours must be in class equivalent.  New Mexico charges a $2 per credit hour reporting fee.  Best will collect and pay the fee, and report your ce completions within hours of completion. 

Thank you for choosing, a division of Best Insurance Education Company, the ce provider that values your support and puts you first.

Insurance Continuing Education Credit Hours Required

24 credit  hours 3 of which must be in Ethics are required for continuing education compliance.  3 hours must taken in class or online in class-room equivalent format.

Topic Requirements

 Approved courses must be completed for lines of insurance for which license is held.

All agents are required to complete 3 hour of Ethics each renewal period.

CE Final Exam Requirements

Final exams for self-study courses are open book and do not require a monitor. Class equivalent courses do not have a final exam. /p>

Course Completion Certification and Reporting 

A Certificate of Completion will be issued to the producer once the course test has been successfully completed and purchased.

The continuing education completion hours will be reported electronically by Best.

State Filing Fee

New Mexico has a $2 per credit hour State Filing Fee that is collected and paid by Best.

Carry Over Requirement

Carryover of excess hours is not allowed in New Mexico.

Repeating Courses

Approved courses can not be repeated more than once in any 2 year licensing period.

License Renewal Date

Your biannual insurance license in New Mexico renews in your in your birth month. Check you license for your current renewal date.

Continuing Education Compliance Date

Your continuing education must be completed before your insurance license renewal date.

Continuing Education Exemptions

1. Licensee who has been licensed continuously for 25 years or more.

2. Licensee holding a limited license, agents for fraternal benefit societies or adjusters.

3. Licensee who maintains a license solely for the purpose of receiving renewal fee residuals who does not otherwise transact insurance.

4.Nonresident agents and nonresident brokers who are subject to continuing education in the resident state or country where licensed.

If an inpidual course is selected it must be purchased within 60 day of date taken.

If a bundle of courses is selected, all courses in the bundle must be taken and payment made within 60 days of the first course in order to be reported to the state, and receive the bundle discount.

If payment is not made, the course(s) will become inactive.

State Contact Information

New Mexico Department of Insurance
P.O. Drawer 1269
Santa Fe, NM 87504-1269
Phone: 505.827.4601
Fax: 505.827.4373
State Website:
State Board System (SBS) - For licensing questions and license look-up
1-816-783-8500 - option 2
Thank you for choosing Best Insurance Education Company, BestEd,  as your insurance continuing education provider.

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